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Microscope and measuring machine in one

ZEISS O-INSPECT duo covers two essential applications in quality assurance.

ZEISS O-INSPECT duo offers two technologies in one machine: large workpieces such as PCBs, fuel cells or batteries can be both measured and inspected in high resolution in their entirety. The combination of 3D measurement technology and microscopic inspection increases efficiency and saves space in quality laboratories. ZEISS O-INSPECT duo is available in the size 8/6/3.​

-      2-in-1: Microscope and measuring machine in one device​

-      Fast and precise 3D measurements – optical and tactile​

-      High-resolution optic with additional inspection software ZEISS ZEN core

As a ‘VMM microscope', ZEISS O-INSPECT duo covers two essential applications in quality assurance: Precise measurement and high-resolution inspection of large or many small components. The device has also been specifically developed for applications where a combination of dimensional measurement and inspection is required – including segmentation, stitching and image processing with color images. Instead of having to acquire both a VMM and a microscope, only one device is needed in quality laboratories, saving space and system costs. Find out more about further advantages of the multifunctional device for the respective areas.​

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