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Reliably gripping and turning small parts

The extremely compact rotary gripper module EHMD is the ideal choice in many life science applications where small objects need to be gripped and turned in confined spaces. For example, it can be used in laboratory automation to open a variety of sample vials with ease. The Z module automatically adjusts to the thread pitches of the caps, eliminating changeover times.

The Festo rotary gripper module EHMD in many life science applications

The rotary gripper module EHMD reliably carries out all tasks assigned to it, whether for in vitro diagnostics, cell or genome research or quality inspections in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. This also applies to preparing and analysing samples, loading centrifuges, gripping, rotating and placing microwell plates or even opening and closing sample vials of different sizes.

Combined with a 3D gantry and a camera, it can carry out quality inspections, recognise bar codes, or print labels with a label printer. It is also perfect for use in light assembly or in the electronics industry.

Pneumatic or electric
The EHMD comes in a fully electric version or with a pneumatic gripper. Both permit infinite rotation. The optional assembly module with Z compensation automatically adjusts to the thread pitch of the caps without moving the Z-axis. When powered by the Festo motor controller CMMT-ST, it allows sample containers of unknown size to be gripped and turned with variable levels of force.

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