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Turbine engine manufacturer cuts inspection time by 66%

Automated quality-assurance technology at A7 Intégration.

How can you reduce the measurement process in safety-relevant industries such as aerospace despite strict tolerance specifications? The turbine engine component manufacturer A7 Intégration accelerated its inspection process with the optical 3D measuring machine ZEISS ScanBox.

The ZEISS ScanBox system has become an integral part of the production process at A7 Intégration. ScanBox 4105 is an optical 3D measuring machine for parts of up to 500 mm in size that is equipped with a light, compact 3D scanner. Each high-speed scan (lasting less than a second) captures an object from three different angles in high resolution. Once the series of measurements has been completed, the integrated ZEISS INSPECT software combines these scans to a geometrical digital twin, or 3D model, of the part. At this point, differences between the actual 3D coordinates and the CAD data are immediately revealed.

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