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Optical Measurement with High Flexibility

Easily capture things that are better left untouched.

Enter the world of optical metrology with ZEISS O-DETECT.

Intuitive operation, high-quality camera and flexible lighting for precise measurement in an instant. Suitable for a wide variety of components, but mainly for those that are best left untouched. Discover the new generation of optical metrology: ZEISS O-DETECT.

High-end camera in the entry-level segment
A key element of ZEISS O-DETECT is its high-quality camera. Thanks to sophisticated software and the new auto-focus function, the images taken by the camera is transformed into precise measurement results.

Quick, precise and intuitive – thanks to the overview camera
Another essential component of ZEISS O-DETECT is the first in its class: an overview camera with integrated 5-megapixel camera sensor. The overview camera captures the entire measuring area including all workpieces that are placed on the measuring table. The acquired overview image is used to navigate the measurement camera to the appropriate position without having to use the control panel. This enables intuitive and fast programming.

Your advantages:

- Excellent optics
- Versatile and easy to upgrade
- Simple part navigation and visualization
- Stable precision 
- Intuitive and user-friendly software
- Professional and actionable reports

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102 54 Stockholm
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VAT nummer: SE5560353608

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