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Optimized Image Quality with ZEISS scatterControl

The new ZEISS scatterControl improves image quality and minimizes scatter artefacts in CT scans. The module is available for the ZEISS METROTOM 1500 225kV G3 and is an ideal solution for defect detection of high voluminous and dense parts.

The module ZEISS scatterControl significantly improves the image quality and reduces scatter artifacts of CT scans to a minimum. These improvements facilitate subsequent data handling and evaluation steps for suitable parts, resulting in even more accurate surface determination and defect analysis. The product is ideal for high voluminous and dense parts, such as additively manufactured metal parts and aluminum cast parts, even with steel inlays, as well as other assemblies containing denser materials.

The module is available for ZEISS METROTOM 1500 225kV G3, either as a retrofit solution or as part of the purchase of a new system. Upgrade your system with ZEISS scatterControl now and benefit from superior image quality for much easier data evaluation.

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