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New: ZEISS Axiovert 5 and Axiovert 7

Inverted microscope system for the materials lab and smart documentation

If you’re looking for a compact microscope that effortlessly produces high quality images of even large and heavy samples, then look no further than ZEISS Axiovert. 

This inverted microscope is a joy to use in the materials lab for routine and research tasks. With an ergonomic design and smart technology, let the system take care of selecting optimal settings for a consistently well illuminated and sharp image. And if you want to increase productivity even further, opt for additional automation features with a motorized Z-focus and stage. 

With Axiovert 5, you don't even need a PC to view and document images – just connect with a monitor and save directly to a USB device. 

Select the right system for your needs with a choice between the manual Axiovert 5 with smart microscopy for fast and reliable results or the motorized Axiovert 7 for higher demands on workflow automation. 

Further information on Axiovert can be found here.


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