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Automated Defect Detection

Artificial intelligence (AI) in computed tomography

The ZEISS Automated Defect Detection (ZADD) software detects even small and fuzzy defects in components reliably and quickly. The Automated Defect Detection (ADD) software, also called Automated Defect Recognition (ADR) software, can be used not only for injection molded parts, but also for batteries and medical or additively manufactured components.

ZEISS offers everything from a single source: with the complete ZEISS X-ray portfolio, you can use artificial intelligence (AI) in 3D computed tomography (CT) and 2D X-ray technology both inline and atline. ZEISS Automated Defect Detection software is compatible with all ZEISS computed tomography systems.

Your advantages with the ZEISS Automated Defect Detection software

Defect analysis in only 60 seconds in inline mode
- Minimization of test cycle times
- Faster scans/defect detection
- Time savings for operators

Robust quality results & clear reporting
- Perfect results, even if image quality is not perfect
- Suitable for mixed and dense materials

No parameter tuning required
- Subjective decisions are avoided
- No reference data required in atline mode

User-defined ZEISS Automated Defect Detection software
- Custom optimization of defect analysis
- User-defined programming of the software

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