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Upptäck HxGN Smart Build™ Insight på “Den Kloke Teknologi”

| Medlemsnyhet | Företag Hexagon Metrology Nordic AB

Möt oss den 17 och 18 oktober i Oslo på Clarion Hotel The Hub.

<span style="vertical-align: inherit;">By intelligently connecting model, time and cost information in an easy-to-use cloud and mobile solution, HxGN Smart Build™ Insight provides real-time insight into project performance, delivering predictable results and keeping projects on schedule and on budget.  </span>

<span style="vertical-align: inherit;">Designed around model visualization and easy-to-understand reporting, HxGN Smart Build Insight supports 3D and 4D BIM processes to increase visibility for better control of resources throughout the project lifecycle.  </span>
<span style="vertical-align: inherit;">General contractors gain real-time insight into progress and can improve the planning and execution of work on the construction site. HxGN Smart Build Insight is flexible and can be integrated with complementary Hexagon solutions to provide the right amount of visibility into your project. With HxGN Smart Build Project Controls, we build on this foundation to offer a true 5D BIM experience.  </span>
<span style="vertical-align: inherit;">If you are interested in a solution for your project that provides you with productivity management, forecasting and earned value management, with a clear and real-time monitoring of budget and costs, we should meet!   </span>
<span style="vertical-align: inherit;">Join us for "Den Kloke Teknologi" on October 17-18 at the Clarion Hotel The Hub in Oslo.  </span>
<span style="vertical-align: inherit;">We look forward to meeting you there. Follow this </span><span style="vertical-align: inherit;">link</span><span style="vertical-align: inherit;">to take part in the program and register.   </span>


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