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Amada HFE 100-3 L Kantpress

The instant reactive beam unique to Amada's downstroking press brake range works together with the natural forces that occur during the forming proces ...

Amada EMZ 3610 Stansmaskin

Utilising power saving electric servo drives, the innovative EMZ machine combines high speed production, impressive reliability and numerous cost and ...

Amada FO-MII 4222NT 4kW Laser Maskin

Drawing on an extensive experience in laser technology this is AMADA's third generation of the FO laser. The FOMII stands out as a true all rounder; c ...

Amada FOL-3015AJ 2kW Begagnat Fiber Laser

Fiber technology from the diode to the workpiece, both FOL-AJ machine and beam source are developed by AMADA, providing perfectly synchronised compone ...

Amada HG Kantpress

Multi-Axis Hybrid Drive Press Brake As a market leader in the sheet metal industry and with a long history of producing innovative and reliable press ...

Amada LCG-AJ Fibre Laser

Improved Performance and Features for Increased Profitability AMADA introduces the new LCG-3015AJ flatbed laser cutting machine equipped with an AMADA ...

Amada HG-ATC Kantpress

Hybrid Drive Press Brake with Automatic Tool Changer For OEMs and subcontractors alike, increasing productivity and through-put is the main target for ...

Amada EG-AR Kantpress

Automated folding of small complex components The EG-AR series is the latest addition to our range of manual and automated press brakes. Designed spec ...

Amada ENSIS-AJ Fibre Laser

<span style="vertical-align: inherit;">Fiber Laser Cutting with Expanded Capabilities </span> <span style="vertical-align: inherit;">Following the suc ...

Amada LCG CO2 Laser

A new benchmark for performance and price Amada introduces the new LCG3015 flatbed laser cutting machine. Setting a new benchmark for performance and ...

Amada Acies 2515 AJ 4kW Fiber Laser / Stans

Unrivalled Productivity of Complex Sheet Metal Components Building on the success of the previous ACIES combination machine, AMADA now presents a 4kW ...

Amada MP Sheetcat

Compact and Flexible Material Handling The Amada SheetCat provides the most compact, cost effective and flexible automation solution available. Capabl ...

Amada Alpha v Laser

Higher Productivity, More Features, Greater Ease of Use AMADA's laser machines constantly provide our customers with optimum solutions. Among them, th ...

Amada FLW Welder Series

Robotic Fibre Laser Welding Cell The ultimate fibre laser welding cell offering automated robotic welding of the very highest standard. Programmed off ...

Amada ASLUL Automatisering

Automated Tower for Flat Bed Lasers The Amada AS LUL is designed to help you improve productivity and increase profits whilst reducing lead-time and c ...

Amada HG-Rm Kantpress

Automating the Folding Process By using the high specification HG press brake as their base, the HG-Rm range of automated bending cells are particular ...

Amada CS Line

The Complete Automation Solution The Amada CS compact store is a modular automation system providing a flexible automated manufacturing. The CS offers ...

Amada AE Stans

Servo-Electric Turret Punch Press The launch of the new AE-NT punching machine confirms AMADA's status as the leader in electric punching. Complete wi ...

Amada ASF-EU Automatisering

Automated Tower for Flat Bed Lasers The AMADA ASF-EU is our latest automation product to help you improve productivity and increase profits whilst red ...

Amada TK 3015 L Part Picker

Part remover for CO2 & Fiber laser cutting machines The Amada TK-L provides a solution for the automatic collection, sorting and stacking of laser cut ...

Amada HFE3i Kantpress

Market Leading Press Brake Technology With more than 125,000 press brakes and 1,500 bending cells installed AMADA are at the forefront of press brake ...

Amada HG-ARs Kantpress

Automating the Folding Process By using the high specification HG press brake as their base, the HG AR range of automated bending cells are particular ...

Amada LC-2515 C1-AJ Fiber Laser / Stans

Combination machine with fibre laser AMADA introduces the new LC-2515C1AJ punch-laser combination machine. With a compact footprint and revolutionary ...

Amada EM-MII Stans

Servo Electric Turret Punch Press The next generation of the cutting edge EM Series turret punch press. Utilising power saving electric servo drives, ...

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