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Theo Schröders Entwicklung und Beratung GmbH

We are a leader in the development of modern steel doors. The name Schröders has been synonymous with high-quality safety doors for protection from fire, smoke, burglaries, as well as for sound insulation for more than 40 years.

System Schröders® safety doors may be found in a number of high-profile projects. Manufacturing of System Schröders® doors takes place exclusively by licenced and certified companies. An increasing number of companies in Europe and Asia are producing System Schröders® doors.

With our extensive and flexible System Schröders® door program, our licensees are able to accept and realise even the most demanding requirements from architects, planners and builders.

Our door designs are tested according to European standards. The doors are CE-marked. This opens up the opportunity for manufacturers in Europe to produce and distribute licenced System Schröders® doors as well.

The System Schröders® licensing program includes our entire expertise and experience in the development of safety doors. The licensee is able to make use of this know-how.

Production of high quality security doors can offer an opportunity for an advantageous expansion of your product range. Integrating your production capabilities with our know-how is the idea of the System Schröders® licensing program.

In the not so far future fire resistance doors will have to be tested and classified throughout Europe according to harmonised standards. CE-marked System Schröders® doors are already compliant with these requirements. This constitutes a clear market advantage.

Your participation in the System Schröders® licensing program gives you the opportunity to manufacture these extensively tested and certified System Schröders® doors and to distribute them as well.

As a System Schröders® licensee you will receive detailed production documents and technical support service. In addition, we support your marketing activities with our website at www.system-schroeders.de/content/en/ and brochures or technical information.

We are proud to extend this offer and would like to invite you to become a licensee for System Schröders®.


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Theo Schröders Entwicklung und Beratung GmbH
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