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Marpro ApS

Established in 2013 MARPRO Search and Selection is a recruitment company specialized in shore-based profiles with maritime experience.

MARPRO can assist with search and selection of relevant profiles and act as an employment agency for consultants and freelancers.

Our strongest asset is our extensive network within the maritime business and our online and social media presence that we have carefully build up since 2007.

Our prices are competitive and we operate under no cure - no pay terms.

The brand MARPRO is well-known and respected in the industry and relevant candidates are registering in our internal database, signing up to our newsletters, registering on our websites or following our social media every day.

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Fakta om Marpro ApS

Marpro ApS
Klostermosevej 140
3000 Helsingør
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Telefon: +45 61606062

VAT nummer: DK38649655

P nummer: 1022453587

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