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CNC Factory AB

CNC Factory was founded 1990 by Bo Svanholm, Mikael Svensson and Jan-Olof Andersson. Today we are 17 employees. 14 are located in our main office in Värnamo, the others in the south of Sweden.

Starting as pure consultants in automation it has developed to become on of the leading companies in retrofitting and automation for machine tools in Sweden. This includes also service, spare parts and education.

We have also in the last years started to represent a number of high quality products in the field of efficiency and availability for machine tools.

Fakta om CNC Factory AB

CNC Factory AB
Västbovägen 42B
Box 717

331 27 Värnamo

Jönköpings län
Värnamo kommun

Telefon: +46 370 - 173 60

Fax: +46 370 - 173 62

VAT nummer: SE5563874659

Certifikat: ISO 9001, ISo 14001:2004


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