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Increased productivity with SW

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A multi-spindle SW machining center provides more benefits than just higher productivity. Most customers focus mostly on output but often forget the many other benefits.

When most people think of a SW machining center with multiple milling spindles, whether it is with 2, 3 or 4 milling spindles, they are probably thinking of the significantly higher output. But behind it lies much more. For example, a 2-spindle BA 422 (part size 400 x 400 x 400) fills almost the same or less than one 1-spindle standard horizontal machine. The very powerful machine are compactly built.

This means a significantly higher output per m² which in turn means much better utilization of the floor variant in the existing production. If the machine is equipped with SW TopRob automation, the floor in front of the machine is free becurse the robot loading the machine from the top.

A 2 spindle SW machine uses much less energy in terms of output than 1 spindle machines. Energy is expensive but also harmful to the environment.

The SW machines are loaded as a vertical machine, which means that the items can be laid on the fixture, they do not have to be "hung up". This makes charging, even with a robot, easier in virtually all cases. What is at least as important is that in a SW with e.g. two milling spindles are significantly fewer parts than in two machines with 1 milling spindle.

In a SW with two milling spindles, there are virtually no more parts than in a convertible 1 spindle machining center, except that there is 1 more milling spindle.
There is only one control, one chip conveyor, one tool magazine etc. etc. This means that the Service and repair costs over the machine Lifetime will be significantly less, as there are simply fewer parts that need to be serviced and possibly repaired. Production stop are expensive and always come inconveniently.


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Sales Manager Scandinavian
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